Engineering Repairs (2012) Ltd

Located in Ashburton Mid Canterbury, our well appointed workshop and mobile service units are ready to provide the solutions to your engineering problems. From small one off jobs to large projects and production runs, our team of highly qualified trades people are ready to help you.


We offer Metal Arc, Mig, Tig, and Gas welding of steel, aluminium, stainless and cast iron with welders qualified to the 4711 welding standard.
We have mobile welding units for on site construction or repair jobs.

Profile Cutting

We offer CNC Profile Cutting with gas or Hi Definition Plasma, for one off or hundreds off jobs.
Machine accepts DXF files and can cut intricate patterns with relative ease.
Gas cut with one or two cutting torchs, can cut upto 80mm thick.
HD plasma cut upto 25mm, will cut steel, aluminium, stainless, cast iron, as long as it conducts electricity plasma can cut it.


We have a well appointed machine shop with highly qualified staff for all your turning, boring, milling and shaping jobs,
metal spraying, honing, thread cutting, drilling and keyways.

Transport Earthmoving Recycling Fertiliser Spreader
Trailer Units Custom Buckets Rubbish Baler Truck Mounted
Chassis Modification Digger Thumbs Recycling Baler Tractor Drawn
Drawbeams Quick Release Hitch Sorting Conveyor Stainless/Mild Steel
Tipping Decks Screening Buckets Feed Hopper or Cage Side Tip Trailer